Puppy Love

If you follow me on instagram (@sharlzed), it would be hard to miss that I have just become a new fur-mum.  Yes, some people have puppies (and I honestly thought I would be one of those), but it turns out I have a fur-child.  You can tell this by the number of   photos of the dog... Continue Reading →

On being older. And wiser.

Lately, I’ve been feeling old.  Maybe it has something to do with spending lots of time with the young and happening things at my acting course.   It is hard not to let their perspective of you take hold.  And they don’t mean it in any negative way – but really, I am a contemporary of... Continue Reading →

A life mostly ordinary…

Weekends away... once upon a time the man of the house and I used to take them on a regular basis.  At least once every six weeks we would be zipping up to The Hunter Valley or meandering around Jervis Bay.  Because in those days we were a two income no kids family, we took plane... Continue Reading →

A Scatterling from Africa

Ever since our trip to South Africa last year I have been feeling vaguely homesick.  Is it homesickness, this wistful longing I have for South Africa?   After all, South Africa is not my home nor has it been so for nearly two decades. Give it a couple of years and I’ll have lived in Sydney... Continue Reading →

The not-so-joy of Motherhood

 I don’t think I’ve quite got a grasp on this motherhood thing.  Just when I think I’ve got it sorted, everything seems to change.  Conceptually, it’s as slippery as an eel in a BP oil slick. I’ve realised recently there are a lot of things I hate about this motherhood lark.  Hate is a strong... Continue Reading →

Oh to be in Paris…

I love my family dearly…but sometimes I imagine I live in a modern one bedroom apartment in Paris, with a type writer, all by myself.  I imagine an early morning café au lait and croissant, and taking walks through winding cobble stoned streets to the nearby market to buy a baguette and cheese for lunch.  ... Continue Reading →

Is forty really the new thirty?

They say that forty is the new thirty, but quite frankly, when you've had two children and a decade too many Lindt Balls, I don't somehow think so.  Certainly there is no way I could fit into the skin tight jeans I wore back in the days.   And I am definitely a lot more saggy and... Continue Reading →


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