Skiing in Australia

Skiing is not something I naturally associate with Australia.   Despite being here for 15 years, the beach-stereotype is still firmly entrenched.   But in the winter months, Kosciuszko National Park plays host to a vibrant ski season, and thousands of Aussies trek down here to spend time cavorting in the snow. We went for a weekend.Continue reading “Skiing in Australia”

Questacon – Canberra Road Trip Part 3

Quite possibly the highlight of any family trip to Canberra is a visit to Questacon.  Questacon is “The National Science and Technology Centre”, or as we like to call it, “the very cool science museum”,  located on the edge of Lake Burley Griffin. Designed with kids old and young in mind, this interactive, busy andContinue reading “Questacon – Canberra Road Trip Part 3”

The Australian War Memorial – Canberra Road Trip 2

The Australian War Memorial is perhaps the most iconic of all buildings in Australia.  Culturally too, it represents that which sits at the heart of what it means to be Australian – a sense of egalitarianism, mateship and belonging.  Some of these elements may well be missing in the current political dialogue, but they haveContinue reading “The Australian War Memorial – Canberra Road Trip 2”

The Big Marino – Canberra Road Trip Part 1

I took the kids on a road trip to our nation’s capital last week.  We piled into the car with some friends, strapped in, put on an audio book and set off south.  Once out of the higgledy-piggledy traffic and road works of Sydney it is an easy drive.  Under three hours.  The road isContinue reading “The Big Marino – Canberra Road Trip Part 1”

Road Trip Day 4 – Mudgee and the road back to Sydney

Minus One. Yes, that is the temperature it got down to on our first night in Mudgee. When we awoke we found car windows covered with a layer of ice glistening in the morning sun. Clearly spring in this part of the country means icy-cold nights, even though the days turned out to be quite brightContinue reading “Road Trip Day 4 – Mudgee and the road back to Sydney”

Road Trip Day 3 – Wellington Caves and the road to Mudgee

Day 3 and time to press on towards Mudgee. We backtracked 50kms or so to visit Wellington Caves, which I had heard some good things about. When we arrived though, I was a bit more sceptical. It had a definite whiff of the glowworm about it. The glowworm is a short hand Mike and I useContinue reading “Road Trip Day 3 – Wellington Caves and the road to Mudgee”

Road Trip Day 2 – Dubbo Zoo

Our first night in the campervan passed pretty uneventfully. Neither child fell out of the top bunk, despite my grave concerns, although one of them knocked a torch to the floor at about 3am and gave us a serious imitation of a heart attack. I tried to make an early start of it, wanting toContinue reading “Road Trip Day 2 – Dubbo Zoo”

Road Trip Day 1 – The Road to Dubbo

We’ve just been on a five day road trip, in a dinky campervan, to see country NSW. All in all we do about 1500 km on our trip and we are not 10 minutes into our journey before Arabella pipes up: “How many minutes until we get there?” My learning about road trips – andContinue reading “Road Trip Day 1 – The Road to Dubbo”

The Dordogne, France – Road Trip

We’ve exchanged the sophistication of Paris for rustic, rural France.  We arrived into Bordeaux via the high speed train network and headed straight out again in our newly acquired campervan.  On the way to St Emilion, in the heart of acres of green, luscious vineyards, we stopped at, what seemed to me to be, theContinue reading “The Dordogne, France – Road Trip”