Ahh Vivid – the natural beauty of Sydney’s foreshore adorned with jewels of light.  A celebration of artistry and imagination. An irresistible  calling to all Sydney-siders to get out and enjoy this amazing city we get to call home.

How fitting then that it should be my first post for June – a month I am dedicating to seeking out and focusing on those things in my life worth celebrating.  Things I am thankful for.  Things that bring me joy.  It is too easy to focus on the things that are wrong, the problems, the irritations, the bumps and the grinds.   Easy to give them the mental space to grow, big and heavy, until they weigh you down.  This month I am going to take at least ten minutes a day and focus on something that brings me joy.  Something that makes me smile.  Something that reminds me just how lucky and fortunate I am.

And to live in this glorious city, surely the most beautiful city in the world (do you disagree?), is a privilege and delight worthy of a post!

Sydney at Night
Sydney at Night

We took the ferry into the city last night – it was clear and not too cold.  Even though it was only approaching 6, darkness had set and there were stars in the inky blackness above us.  The kids and I stood on the deck, hair blown awry and watched the golden glow of the city grow larger.  It is a beautiful sight even when it is not in the midst of a Vivid festival.  A magical sight, bright and alluring, against the foreground of the dark black water.  And set to the giggle of delighted children, even more precious.

How wonderful to come in to Circular Quay just as the sails of the Opera House lit up with images reminiscent of 70’s pop culture.  Bright, garish, loud.  Very much alive and indeed, very “Play“ful.  The city was heaving with people of all ages and sizes and shapes.  A mass of solid shadows moving through the dark, from one light installation to the other.

Vivid Sails
Vivid Sails


Vivid Sails

From the Opera House, through the Rocks and all the way to Walsh Bay, celebrations of light could be found lurking on buildings, around corners and in narrow alleyways.   Little or large, interactive or still – art that you could play and engage with, art that changed the facade of buildings, art that caught your eye and sent you a thought provoking message.

Thankful to live in as beautiful and engaging a place as Sydney.  Thankful for art, artists and all creative people who make the world a bit brighter, happier and more thoughtful.  Thankful for time with my family, enjoying it all.


Vivid Magic Mirror
Vivid Magic Mirror

Vivid Lights IMG_0148



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