Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.


My name is Sharlene. I’m a mum of teenagers muddling my way through life – with all its strange twists and turns. I’m fascinated by the mind, the human condition and the way we treat each other, and am curious about how we can live lives of joyful integrity in the short moment of awareness life has gifted us.

I write reflections of my life as a mother (without a manual), a women approaching 50, a mature-aged student of cognitive and brain science and the joy of wonder.

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Latest Reflections

Project Management 101 – Family Edition.

It’s not just my mental load that’s overwhelming, it’s the trying to do it all too. The physical load. It’s time to project manage my life and house back to order, and teach my teenage housemates to put down their phones and do their share of the work.

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Death and the Rituals we use to Navigate Life

Today my father would have turned 77. He died over ten years ago, not quite reaching his 67th birthday. It is somewhat alarming to think that in 16 years’ time I will be the same age as he was when he died. We are not very good at thinking honestly about death. But as I can’t buy into the cultural stories that are supposed to offer comfort, I design my own ritual of remembering my father’s life.

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