Stop acting so small. You are the universe in ecstatic motion.


My name is Sharlene. I’m a mum of teenagers muddling my way through life – with all its strange twists and turns. I’m fascinated by the mind, the human condition and the way we treat each other, and am curious about how we can live lives of joyful integrity in the short moment of awareness life has gifted us.

I write reflections of my life as a mother (without a manual), a women approaching 50, a mature-aged student of cognitive and brain science and the joy of wonder.

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Latest Reflections

The Joy of Getting Older…

Last month I turned 50. Fifty! A big number. Half a century. Centuries certainly carry some weight in the things to celebrate department. Just ask Steve Smith or anyone who got a letter from the Queen on their 100th birthday. We think of centuries as significant – as if standing the test of time. Maybe that’s why 50 feels like such a milestone. A sort of half-way mark to longevity.  And agedness. I’ve been feeling old ever since I turned about 46 and went back to university. Nothing like hanging out in the same space as the bright young neuroscientists…

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The limits of energy

Of late, I’ve been thinking about energy. Not like Einstein of course. Notin an E = MC2 or “holy smoke, look at the price of gas”  kind of way. I’m thinking more philosophically about our sense of get up and go. Our inner energy. The thing that fuels motivation and action and seems to be the grease that moves the wheels of social engagement and productivity. Energy means both power and vitality, linguistically. I had thought energy in a nuclear fusion sort of way was quite a different notion to energy in a motivation sense, but now I’m not sure.…

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