Questacon – Canberra Road Trip Part 3

Quite possibly the highlight of any family trip to Canberra is a visit to Questacon.  Questacon is “The National Science and Technology Centre”, or as we like to call it, “the very cool science museum”,  located on the edge of Lake Burley Griffin.


Designed with kids old and young in mind, this interactive, busy and informative museum kept my kids so enthralled, we had to go back the next day to take it all in.  (It is well worth getting yourself a annual pass, like a Powerhouse Museum membership, to give you the freedom to come and go as you like).

It is a bright and spacious building, cleverly laid out and jam-packed full of hands on experiments, shows and displays. The “vertical drop” got the most attention from my small people, in particular my daughter seemed to love dangling over an abyss and letting go to experience “free falling”.  Watching neon scarves zoot around a wind tunnel maze and shoot out in unexpected places seemed to grab their attention too.  My son was especially entranced with “The Gravitram” and spent ages staring at the pool balls hurtling along their wire tracks.

We all laughed our way through an entertaining explanation on “Collisions” (I wish my science teacher had explained Newton’s Laws of Motion in quite the same way!), got shaken up in the “Earthquake” house and pushed, pulled, threw and jumped our way through a variety of experiences and came out wanting more.

It is busy during school holidays, so grab an annual pass online to by-pass the “Q’s” and get there early.


The Vertical Drop
The Gravitram


Worlds under the sea

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