Camping in the heart of Sydney on Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island, in the middle of Sydney Harbour, has had a diverse history in its time. Although today it plays host to happy campers and day trippers, it has done time as both a colonial penal establishment and Australia’s biggest shipyard. The island’s latest incarnation is an increasingly popular tourist destination, which blends its industrial heritageContinue reading “Camping in the heart of Sydney on Cockatoo Island”

Road Trip Day 3 – Wellington Caves and the road to Mudgee

Day 3 and time to press on towards Mudgee. We backtracked 50kms or so to visit Wellington Caves, which I had heard some good things about. When we arrived though, I was a bit more sceptical. It had a definite whiff of the glowworm about it. The glowworm is a short hand Mike and I useContinue reading “Road Trip Day 3 – Wellington Caves and the road to Mudgee”

Road Trip Day 1 – The Road to Dubbo

We’ve just been on a five day road trip, in a dinky campervan, to see country NSW. All in all we do about 1500 km on our trip and we are not 10 minutes into our journey before Arabella pipes up: “How many minutes until we get there?” My learning about road trips – andContinue reading “Road Trip Day 1 – The Road to Dubbo”

Blue Mountain Weekend

I’d forgotten how gorgeous the Blue Mountains are. I haven’t been up there since before we had kids. Shameful, really, given it is only 90 minutes away. It’s a weird sort of bush, the dry, grey of the Eucalypts, but so serene and peaceful. The expanse of it is really what takes your breath away,Continue reading “Blue Mountain Weekend”