On trains…

Photo by runzi zhu on Unsplash Out of the settling dusk It glides into the station A metal snake with screeching breath Disgorging a tumble of people from its warm belly   I step inside the beast Into air thick with a day’s activity, Rigid ribs of seats hold weary bodies All wrapped up in virtual worlds  ... Continue Reading →

I saw you and I loved you

I saw you and I loved you From the moment that we met Even if I didn’t know what love meant then And sometimes still forget.   We connected in an exploding star Your heart and mine, And travelled separately and together through space To this time and this place.   I know this because... Continue Reading →

Beware The Pious

Beware the pious Wrapped smugly in their hard-edged worlds With ancient words of steel that crack like thunder On an open field. Enrobed with suspicious glare They march around the borders of minds They've furrowed dry and bare Wary for ideas buried there Beware the pious who control your mind Wrap you up in culture Teach you... Continue Reading →

For a Moment

Let us stop for a minute and drink wine Or champagne, If you have the time Outside the window the world grows colder A little more black, a little bit older And soon darkness will greet us Attempt to defeat us With rivers of sorrow to cross But just for this moment we’ll Pretend That... Continue Reading →


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