Letting go of my worry-list and hopping off the what-if train…

I’ve always been a worrier. For as long as I remember I’ve worried about what people thought of me, or whether I was liked. I’ve worried about underperforming, and not being good enough. Despite never being misplaced by my parents in the fruit and veg section of the local grocery store, I have a visceralContinue reading “Letting go of my worry-list and hopping off the what-if train…”

The Birds Still Sing

In the dappled shadows Beneath the leaves of Mangrove trees that breathe in Sunlight and saltwater I walk And slow my breath   And in the stillness Of that moment Against the silver gleam of green Grass shimmering Wet with morning dew I hear the birds sing   A hundred different sounds fill the skyContinue reading “The Birds Still Sing”

Just a bit discombobulated!

If ever there was a time to use the word discombobulated, this is it. It’s been a long and unsettling summer but just as the air clears from the ravaging bush fires and Autumn touches her umber paint brush to the leaves on the trees, we find ourselves, yet again, in a surreal world forContinue reading “Just a bit discombobulated!”