The problem with resolutions…

I didn’t make any New Year’s resolutions. Did you? I’m pretty good at making resolutions. I make them all the time – monthly, weekly, daily. Sometimes even hourly. When I’m making dinner, I resolve not to eat any chocolate afterwards, but the moment Netflix comes on I find I’ve gobbled down half a bar ofContinue reading “The problem with resolutions…”

A snapshot in time

Cleaning up, I found an old picture. A snapshot in time, unposed and unfiltered, framed in white edging now a little tattered and torn. In it, I’m about 3 or 4 years old, I think, which means the photo was taken about 45 years ago. Almost half a century. That’s a conception of time thatContinue reading “A snapshot in time”

Lessons from the dog: Alpha males, love and the importance of making conscious choices.

In our house, my husband is numero uno, the king, the be all and end all… the alpha. At least if you ask the dog. If you suggested such a thing to the rest of us, theatrical bouts of gagging would no doubt ensue. It’s a strange situation, I think, given that I am the one thatContinue reading “Lessons from the dog: Alpha males, love and the importance of making conscious choices.”

Turns out, I’m a MAMIL.

I’ve taken up cycling. Along with running and swimming I am now a triathlon in parts. My husband is completely bewildered. We have known each other for most of our lives, and he has never known me to put my hand up for cardio-vascular exercise without a litany of complaints. Granted, I’m not doing theContinue reading “Turns out, I’m a MAMIL.”

The stories we tell ourselves… and why they might be making us unhappy

I have a saying which irritates the teens in my life. It goes like this. “That’s an interesting story you are telling yourself.” Our stories are who we are… and they powerfully influence our actions and wellbeing. It turns out I’m telling myself some unhealthy stories too, and it’s time for some new ones.